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The Many Types Of Villa Rentals You Can Pick For Holiday

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Visiting Bali for more than just a beach will give you a better experience. In this case, try to pack some time and budget to enjoy the full range of Bali villa rentals on the island. On this island of Gods, you will not only see monotonous options. Instead, you can find ranges of villas with different architectural styles. Here are some of them.

Modern Style Villa

With diverse tourists coming around the world, the modern-styled villas are all around the location. You can find it from the downtown to the more secluded private options in the highland. Some modern villa concepts in Bali are contemporary, industrial, or minimalist. With those long options, you will also find huge ranges of the price of a villa in Bali.

The Balinese villa

For a more authentic touch, you can always pick the traditional-styled villas. Bali for sure loves their traditional rites and religion. So, don’t get surprised with some places that stand tall and amazing with their traditional Hinduism touch in the building. In many cases, traditional villas come with pretty strict ancient architectural guides and rules.

However, some villa rentals fuse some modern architecture. The result is amazing. Some traditional touches appear from the gazebo-like builds. At some points, you can also find a small temple model known as Pellinggih. One thing that stands out is the down-to-earth and natural organization of the traditional house villa.

Joglo style

Even in Bali, you can find the popular Joglo architectural characteristic in many villas. The Joglo style represents the Javanese traditional building with a pointy pyramid roof. The design means to show hierarchical rules in java. However, there is also layout organization that makes the villas have a certain unique touch in them.

The special thing about the Joglo style is how it blends perfectly with the Balinese and modern styles. The best characteristic of the building is the use of columns, wooden elements, and pyramid roofs that tell the social and economic status of the building. And it is not a surprise if many villa rentals come with this style to encourage cultural appreciation in Indonesia.

The range of styles gives you a vision that Bali’s charms are more than just its beach destinations. The accommodations, entertainments, and many other tourist attractions are worth visiting. Bali villas are one of the charming options. it comes with a wide price range, styles, facilities, amenities, and locations for you to enjoy.

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